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Art Trade with TheRedFoxxo

Happy Valentine's Day!


Why I No Longer Stream Anymore?

Sorry guys, I won't be streaming picarto/mixer anymore until I become a popular artist in the future. Whenever I was stream, I was waiting and waiting and WAITING for people to come to my stream, but nobody comes. It was because my art are not good enough.

So I was thinking I'll have to wait until I get enough fanbase while I'll keep on drawing and more practice until I get enough fanbase before I start getting back to livestream sooner. Whose knows, maybe might I will.

Also I had to keep less fanarts and more of my OCs.

More of Daily Sketch Challenge!

(C) I'm bored.

Commission for Blackhat0061

The Slimer Brothers Reference Sheets

Here are my OC reference sheets of these three slimy brothers.

Name: Glooper

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Sex: Straight

Species: Slime

Color: Purple

Likes: His brothers, playing video games, porn, prank on his brothers, sex with human women, getting squish/squash/splat by women, big boobs/big butts

Hates: Water, getting over annoyed by someone, crying like a little baby, drama tv/movie, bored, muscular people, overweight people


Name: Gunky

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Sex: Straight

Species: Slime

Color: Blue

Likes: Sex with human women, big butts women, porn (sometimes), getting squish/squash/splat by women, make women happy/laugh, anime, being smart

Hates: Water, getting prank by Glooper, calling him dork/geek/nerd, flying, muscular people, overweight people, wet, seeing women crying


Name: Dripy

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Sex: Straight

Species: Slime

Color: Blue

Likes: Sex with human women, big boobs/big butts, porn, getting squish/squash/splat by women, internet, transform into anything

Hates: Water, getting prank by Glooper, getting very angry, internet trolls, muscular people, bugs/insect, overweight people

Women Wearing Only Barrels Contest!

Made for Women Wearing Only Barrels Contest!

Daily Sketch Challenge

Here are the daily sketch I did few weeks about. The goal is to do 30 minutes of sketch from the fictional character.

Talus (Halloween Costume)

He sure loves candies every Halloween.

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Rippley and Sludge on the Pogo Sticks

I'm not a fan of Fortnite nor playing Fortnite but I do really like that blob guy.

Art Trade from RikiRicky

I did not drew this, it was made by RikiRicky

RikiRicky (Art Trade)

Art Trade With RikiRicky

Meet the Slimer Brothers

Say hello to my three brand new OCs, THE SLIMER BROTHERS (Dripy, Gunky & Glooper)

Crocodile and His Favorite Watermelon

Drew this from a twitter video.


Paladins Sketch Dump

My favorite Paladins characters.

3 Minutes Warm-up Animal Gestures


This is a fanart of my favorite characters of Disney's Amphibia.