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Art Trade from RikiRicky

I did not drew this, it was made by RikiRicky

RikiRicky (Art Trade)

Art Trade With RikiRicky

Crocodile and His Favorite Watermelon

Drew this from a twitter video.


This is a fanart of my favorite characters of Disney's Amphibia.

Drawing Hong Kong Phooey & Rosemary

Here is my timelapse video of Hong Kong Phooey and Rosemary.

Made my character (Reid) turn into a Zombie Snail!

Drawing Lila Test From Johnny Test!

More of speedart video.

Drawing Shin and Rubica from Dragon Collection

Hope you enjoy a timelapse drawing video.

Butt Witch

I've watch Twelve Forever and I really love it. The Butt Witch is really sexy because her big ass that I couldn't take my eyes off her big booty.

Hi guys. Here are some of my drawings for a while.